“A thief is never going to tell you they are a thief” – a reaction to my work being lifted

“A thief is never going to tell you they are a thief.”
This was first said to me by my dad when I was in high school, and it has proven again to be true.

Last week, I received a comment on the “About” section of my blog informing me that a former co-worker of his has lifted a handful of my logos and is using them in his portfolio. In utter disbelief, I clicked the link and there front and center were 4 of my logos. Two of which were personal, and another one which has previously been published.

So after no luck getting a response from this burglar, I started seeing a clear divide between the good work and the bad. I put my detective hat on, and did a little searching around. I was able to find four other designer’s work.

I have tried every avenue I can to try and get a response out of the kid and as I watched throughout the weekend for any indication or response a couple things started to happen. The biggest movement was when he turned his “contact” page off of his website. Then a couple more moves, he took down two of my four logos. Then this morning one more logo was gone, and I finally received a response via Vimeo (I said I tried as many avenues as I could).  He responded telling me that all of my logos were down and no other work on the site was ripped off. Unfortunately for him, I knew this to not to be correct.

Piece by piece he has taken some of the work down. Not all of it mind you, he still has other people’s work posted.
Grow is by Peter Kowalski
Lighthouse is by Micheal Spitz

Fusion is mine, along with the three others (Blockhead, Lighting Run and Flyboot)

Bloc is a typeface by Maldesign

The other designer’s work was this project by Tim Dekens

The last five days I have done my darnedest to try and keep my composure and give the fella the benefit of the doubt. Unfortunately he decided to play games and not own up to the fact that he is dishonest. In the last five days I have written him and sent him messages several times. All I wanted was the work that was not his to be taken down and maybe an explanation on why he thinks it ok to do this ( a tall order I know). This is one of the most frustrating things that I have so far experienced in my career.

So here I sit venting my frustrations on my blog. I worry it may come across as vengeful or I worry about the idea that this could send a mob of twitterers carrying torches and pitchforks to his virtual doorstep, it could be a downright witch hunt. All in all, I think the only damage done to me personally is a weekend of high blood pressure, maybe a small scuff in my pride (just a small one) and this fella showing his true colors. I suppose if I ever apply for a job where this guy is working, it might prove quite problematic.

The design community is a small place, and the internet, twitter, facebook, flickr, cargo, and google image search all make it even smaller.

Mr. Cruthers, I hope you one day learn your lesson sir.

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