unsolicited advice and commentary

People who look like this guy, don’t have many friends. Mostly because they are creepy


This guy should have listened to his mom, or dad, or anyone who would talk to him.
My guess is not being able to read is the least of his worries.

YOU ARE NOT REAL!http://data.tumblr.com/sO1HloZJbh0pp9wbETCcfeAco1_500.jpg

You should be arrested, and everyone in the world should tell you that you are gross.

Not how clouds are made

Godzilla makes more free throws in a day than Shaq has in his entire career.
Not to mention the fact that Gozilla is fictionalhttp://theinternetisterrible.com/wp-content/things/godzilla_bball.jpg

Like I mentioned before, this is unsolicited advice and commentary. The sole purpose is to amuse myself and anyone else that would like to read it. So please take no offense.

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One Response to unsolicited advice and commentary

  1. Bridgette says:

    Love the Godzilla. It reminds me of the Snickers commercial that you posted a long time ago.

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