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unsolicited advice and commentary

People who look like this guy, don’t have many friends. Mostly because they are creepy This guy should have listened to his mom, or dad, or anyone who would talk to him. My guess is not being able to read … Continue reading

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You should be too!

yeah I am pretty cursin’ excited about the new season of Lost. In celebration, I am posting some posters done by a place called Mattson Creative. From the sounds of their post, they are big fat Lost nerds too. If … Continue reading

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New Neenah wallpaper drops…

The new poster addresses Biodiversity and Corresponds with Neenah Paper’s effort to replenish the rainforrest. Take a lil’-give a lil’…paper for you trees and plants for the adorable animals! This is #4 of the series. Here are the previous editions. … Continue reading

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Under the Milky Way by Ross Berens…

I came across these while surfin’ the FFFFounded goods. The individual personalities of the different planets all consist of different graphic elements and typestyles, yet they all stand together as striking series. I like it. Tons more type kicks on … Continue reading

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