Vegas recap #4, nerding out…

Hey guess what. I like type, and was made fun of for taking pictures of it while in Sin City. Here are my findings and some of the corresponding remarks I received.


EVERYONE ELSE: Hey Joe, look at that. Are you taking a picture of that girl on the pillar?

JOE: No! That would be wierd. I was taking a picture of this (see photo above).

EVERYONE ELSE: Yeah right perv. You totally took a picture of her boobs.

JOE:Ok, you are right. Here. Now I took a picture of the gal on the pillar’s boobs. You got me.


EVERYONE ELSE: Hey Joe, why are you taking a picture of Lance McDonald? (Lance McDonald came up earlier in the evening when Shea wanted free french fries. So he introduced himself at McDonald’s as Lance McDonald, Ronald’s Brother and silent partner in the company).

JOE: I’m not, but this is exactly what you look like when you dress up like him. I’ve seen the mug shots.


EVERYONE ELSE: Hey Joe, did you see this bathroom sign over here? It looks like there are some letters on it. You might want to take a picture.

JOE: Hey, yeah, thanks, that’s great. I saw it earlier when I ran to pee and I didn’t take a picture thanks for the heads up though. I’m just gonna go for this one over here.

EVERYONE ELSE: Fuckin’ nerd.

Needless to say, this didn’t go on very long, and overall I think the story was much better than the actual photos I ended up with. So, for now, they will just act as proof.

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