Vegas recap #2…

Day 2, Friday was Bridgette’s B-day for realsises. So we had a few things to do that day.

LIKE HANG OUT WITH JERRY SPRINGER! Yeah, it was really wierd, we were just walking along and some guy in a red jacket stopped us and totally recognized Bridgette. Turns out that guy was Jerry Springer. He knew it was her birthday and asked us if we had enough time to stop by his show. Well we didn’t have enough time, and he eventually became a little too clingy, and we had to get to the lazy river. So we sent him on his way.

This is Bridgette lovingly dunking me as I am just learning to swim. I figured who cares if I don’t know how to swim, it is her Birthday, she can do whatever she wants today. So innocent looking isn’t she?

This is Shea (AKA Lance MacDonald) and Ashley (AKA Dirt-Paul) pretending they like each other. It was really sweet.

Later on in the evening we headed to an all you can eat Sushi, seafood and prime rib buffet, and were greeted by this fun little gent.

The yellow man and Shea got pretty close by the end, so I think they exchanged phone numbers.

PS…I am not sure if the entire Jerry Springer story was true, but we did see him and had our picture taken with him.


A shot of our hotel after nightfall.

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2 Responses to Vegas recap #2…

  1. Monique says:

    That’s SO awesome that you guys met Jerry Springer!!!
    Looks like a GREAT trip:)

  2. Mom says:

    Jerry looks a little worn around the edges and he seems taller on TV! Ha! Yes, I failed to give my son swimming lessons when he was young, as we only have 10,000 lakes in MN. (Lie!) Mama

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