Vegas recap #1…

This past weekend, Bridgette had the rare opportunity to tell her twenties to go eff themself, and that she doesn’t have any use for them any longer. We decided to celebrate her 30th as hard as we possibly could. So we headed to Vegas.

Day 1 pics:

Unfortunately on day 1 we were so distracted by the flashing lights and the piles of hooker cards on the ground, that we sort of forgot to take photos. This super ass blurry one is Bridgette and Ashley singing karaoke at the fine establishment called Ellis Island.

Ellis Island is this hole in the wall off of the main strip. I don’t know if everyone on our group agrees or not, but in my opinion, we had the finest meal of the trip here.

Yeah, I just went to add more day 1 photos, and decided not to follow through with that. The camera wasn’t brought out until very late that night, and it definitely shows. Basically, what I am trying to say, is that wierd blurry one of those two singing Shoop is all you get from Thursday night.

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One Response to Vegas recap #1…

  1. Mom says:

    Ahhhh! Come on – show us the second picture!! Mama

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