Sweet sweet dub-hot spots…

In regards to my last post, and just in case you were wondering, here are a couple other Dub-ess-pee hot-spots.

#1. Marthaler Park. I am guessing they didn’t mention it because Marthaler is  a wretched sledding hill that kills a paralyzes millions of innocent children every year.

#2. Compton Oaks. Great little par 3 for when you want to hit the links, but don’t want all of the asshole aftertaste.

#3. Circus Pizza – for the ski-ball fix. Plus it makes you look really cool to a little kid when you walk out the door by handing him ten million tickets. No they can take all of those charitable tickets and get a damn eraser.

#4. Tom Thumb – many hours and nickels were spent there. I think someones kid went to college on my nickels.

#5. any of the old, outdated establishments that are still up and running. The magic list is just too damn long.

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