This is pretty fun.
I do wonder where I am supposed to recycle it. Does sprint take it back? I am pretty sure the Twin Cities wouldn’t take this green machine from my curb. I am told Minneapolis won’t take cardboard unless it is properly taped together. WTF?

Here is my guess on how the scenario would go down… I would leave this on my curb, fellas would come by pick up the bags, and the second they saw this, they would put all of my recycling back. Then they would pee on it. THEN three days later I would receive a letter telling me how dumb I am and that I have insulted their family’s honor.

Anyways, I didn’t mean for this to turn into a rant. I do think the packaging fun. (and yes, the recycle gents would most likely pick that part of it up)

Side-note: This may also just be a Photoshop mock-up… but that is just a guess.

Via the dieline

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