A new hot-spot as far as I am concerned…

It is called Where the Lovely Things Are. I came to a dead halt as I ran across this blog. This is just a tributary mash-up of the goodness found there.

#1. Who the fuck doesn’t like cardboard cupcakes.
#2. Never before has there been a potato this effing adorable.

#3. Yeah plates! They rile the kids up the minute they clean their plates!

#4. Ooh your mom is going to yell at you!

#5. “It’s a racing snail!” Yeah a racing snail that someone felted up.

#6. The type of dog that you have to pull in a wagon is NOT the the same sort of dog that will protect you from killer bushes. Boycott fashion dogs.

#7. Skateboards…not just for skinning your elbows any longer.

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