Parisian Apocalypse

Not sure what else do say other than this just seems fun. Why didn’t we see this scene in Mad Max?

The year is 2509. The streets are no longer paved; now wild and overgrown with weeds. Animals roam the streets, slipping in and out between ravaged models and restless stylists. The world’s fashion capital has become a battle ground where business, culture and creativity has been forced out onto the streets to duke it out. To find the light. To shine. The creative apocalypse has arrived.
Those who will survive are the ones who can stand out in the dark; those who realize that not all is fair in love and war; those who turn their passion into all out competition. Survivors are those who are part of

Inspiration for Parisian Apocalypse came from Raoul Keil whose professional networking site brought together all contributors on this project. Expert in street art and design, Nicholas Hardy from Factory 311, stepped in as Creative Director on the shoot. The inventive scene of post-apocalyptic Paris was brought alive by digital artist Benjamin Delacour also from Factory 311.
Photographed by Valentina Frugiuele, along with assistant Max Laho, the project brought together 12 creative talents from the community who vividly captured the urgency and fervor of the fateful situation future visionaries will face.

An ethnic edginess was created through the styling and clothing designs of Michel Dupré and Christelle Santabarbara from their label Dupré-Santanarbara. Parisian Designer Nadège Ludinant of LUNA SHOO also lent her embroidered designs to the shoot. The couture fetish heels worn by the models are the brain-child of Parisian designer Elharrar Nathalie, as part of her LaRare range, and add an element of sexiness to the hectic scene.
Artistic makeup by JADE and sculptural hair design by Franck Nemoz brought a stylistic muse to the idea of apocalypse.

Models from Fam International and City Models will hopefully find the means to work out their creative differences and make amends in an effort to improve life in the Parisian Apocalypse.

Written by Lisa Tumbarello

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