Career choices…

Check this showcase show reel:

Yeah this guy and I used to hang a lot in high school. Our skills were pretty well matched at the time. Once we graduated he continued on to master parkour, back flips, and defying gravity. I on the other hand went to art school and received a degree in graphic design. Funny how things turn out.

He now gets all the ladies by just performing some little flippy-doo, and I know the names of some of the dopest typefaces around. I think I made the right choice. It is funny though, I actually taught this guy how to do the thing, where you take your shirt and pants off while flipping intensely through the air. Too bad he didn’t credit me on that one. It actually started by accident. I was going so fast the first time, that the simple air resistance tore the shirt from my back. Super embarrassing when in gym class…just sayin’

(by the way none of the business about me knowing this guy in highschool or me being athletic is true. I just wanted an excuse to show this sweet video)

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2 Responses to Career choices…

  1. Bridgette says:

    I think that you might have made a bad life choice not going pro with your mad parkour skills. It’s cute and all that you know the difference between Akidenz Grotesque and Univers, but that really will not get you anywhere.

    Just sayin’

    • hipstreet says:

      Yeah well you googled those names just so you could look smart. So don’t act like your not impressed. Your nickname in high school was trade gothic…ZING!

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