It would be healthy for me to share this story…just sayin’

This is really great.

I was cruising the behance network, and came across a little gem I wanted to post. So I checked out the profile, and came to realize this firm is based in Moscow. Not really sure if I would get a reply due to the language barrier, but I dropped a line for permission anyways.

Here is our interaction:

My name is Joe Anderson. I am a designer from the US. I realize this is in English, so I am hoping you are able to understand (because we are lame and only speak one language )

Anyways, I was wondering if I could post some of your work I saw on this behance network onto my blog. I would do a little blurb about how cool it is, and then of course have it link to more of your work.

Let me know if that would be cool with you.

below is an attempt to translate using my weird computer thing. I am sure it will not work properly” (Insert dashboard widget translation)

Great, it was worth a shot, we shall see what happens. The response was amazing as I am sure my Russian translation was. Here is what I received:

It would be healthy!
We not against.

The term It would be healthy is amazing. Accident or not we need to embrace it. I am calling on all fifteen of you that now follow and frequent my blog should start using it.
It would be healthy for you to do so. (See it also works like a threat)

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2 Responses to It would be healthy for me to share this story…just sayin’

  1. Nick Zdon says:

    Sorry, it would be healthy to use TinyURL, try this:

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