Latitudes ID

Great ID system by  3 Advertising 

“Latitudes is a new convenience store concept for those who would rather sip than slurp. The letterhead was designed to be layered with labels and rubber stamps. Labels applied to real wood business cards.”


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Best Friends

Best Friends: A visual representation of on-line relationships
By: Colin Pinegar

“The project was based on data I gathered by taking a lengthy survey about my facebook® “friends.” I asked myself questions ranging from personal (do I know this person’s phone number?) to generic (can I recognize this person by their name alone?) and assigned each of my cyber-friends a score ranging from 1-25 (those that scored less than 1 were de-friended). Each score was then plotted on a color spectrum. I then made a wax bust for each person in the color that corresponded to their score. The result shows how close I am to my facebook® “friends,” purple being those of my “friends” that I actually know intimately and interact with in person.”


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Apocalypse Ephemeris Update: They are in!

Here they are, the real deal. They are all finished, and the first wave is off and shipped. Order yours here.

I had a chance to photograph them and update the site.


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Paper Birds

Paper birds created by Colombian artist Diana Beltran Herrera.
They look like real birds that are made out of paper.

BirdPaper SwanPaper BirdBird made out of PaperBird SculptureBeautiful Bird

via @JamieSaunders

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